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My 2016 @Home Mini Album

Yesterday I was invited to visit with Tracie Claiborne on her podcast, Live Inspired. Before the show started Tracie asked me if I still scrapbook. I said incredulously, "Of course I still scrapbook!" But then I got to thinking, how would Tracie know this? I stink at sharing my work. The main reason for this is that I've become quite lazy. When I consider the effort involved in photographing pages/projects and getting them posted, I generally choose something else to do, ha! But, with my 2017 emphasis on writing/blogging I'm going to try and do better. I'll start with this mini album project that I taught at She Loves Color in October. I'm still a HUGE fan of small albums that can take the place of a bigger, more time-intensive chronological projects, simply because some years I don't feel like making lots of pages and yet I still want to document the year—AND you can EASILY do this through a different lens—in this case, your HOME. Remember, chronology is just ONE WAY to organize the photos and stories in a scrapbook. This means there are many, many other way. 

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Nesting in January.

I am in such a nesting mood lately. Most years when I take Christmas down, I experience a surge of energy in the organize and rearrange department, but this year, I'm finding an extra helping of FUN in the whole process. Two+ weeks ago on a Saturday, I took the tree down and decided to move the armoire (with our TV inside) from one side of my living room to the other—this single action commenced a cascade of curiosity, so that now when I walk into a room, I'm thinking things like, "Why is that chair or bench or mirror or basket there? What if I moved that over here, or put it upstairs or got rid of it altogether?" As you can imagine, these questions are creating all kinds of exciting possibilities. 

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Alexa's cabinet, my new bathroom solution!

Alexa lives in our bathroom. We put here there so that we can ask her about the news and the weather while we're getting ready for the day, and so that she can play music so that we can sing and dance. You should see Addie in the shower rockin' out to 80s dance tunes. The other morning, Geoff requested Howard Jones and sure enough our, "Everlasting Love" song came on. Cute! Eine Kleine Nacht Musik is my favorite request and this morning, we listened to Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech. 

The only thing is Alexa isn't waterproof, so she can't hang out on the counter or sit on the edge of the bathtub. We put her on the floor initially, but that is not very inspiring or clever? Alexa really needed a place. Grandma always says, "A place for everything and everything in it's place!" Ok, in actuality my Grandma didn't say that, but I'm certain someone's grandma does. Anyway, I pondered this Alexa challenge for a few days until I found this ...

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