Early Morning Christmas House


Sometimes in December I get up very early. This is because my list wakes me up, but it's also because I love the stillness of an early morning Christmas house. It's just a little bit of magic really and I don't think there are many things better—except perhaps my imaginations of Christmas Eve and morning with my family gathered around. 

I actually spy three Christmas scrapbooks in photo above. Can you find them? I'm going to revisit each over the next few days, because I'm working on a new one and because I love pulling these albums out to add to my decor. Each one is a slightly different concept, but all have that lovely mix of old and new—over time, that I love. 


🎄🤶🏻 There. I just placed my new project on the base of my glass table. I think I may keep it there. More on this one soon!