Alexa's cabinet, my new bathroom solution!

I gave Geoff an  Echo Dot  for Christmas. We are now Alexa fans.

I gave Geoff an Echo Dot for Christmas. We are now Alexa fans.

Alexa lives in our bathroom. We put here there so that we can ask her about the news and the weather while we're getting ready for the day, and so that she can play music so that we can sing and dance. You should see Addie in the shower rockin' out to 80s dance tunes. The other morning, Geoff requested Howard Jones and sure enough our, "Everlasting Love" song came on. Cute husband! Eine Kleine Nacht Musik is my favorite request and this morning, we listened to Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech. 

The only thing is Alexa isn't waterproof, so she can't hang out on the counter or sit on the edge of the bathtub. We put her on the floor initially, but that isn't very inspiring or clever? Alexa really needed a place. Grandma always says, "A place for everything and everything in it's place!" Ok, in actuality my Grandma didn't say that, but I'm certain someone's grandma does. Anyway, I pondered this challenge for a few days until I found this ...

Click the image to visit

Click the image to visit

Alexa's very own cabinet arrived on Monday and Geoff and I put it together on Tuesday. 


I like it. It sits right here below my Maui pictures and between the shower and our closet. 

A little basket on top, a drawer for extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, etc...

Inside, plenty of room for additional storage, which means I don't have to go downstairs when we are out of toilet paper anymore or at least as often. And, the best part—look on the 2nd shelf—this is the solution. Have you noticed how many of our technology devices have these oversized plugs? What's up with that? It totally bugs that I can't put my furniture up against the wall—you know? Some plugs require 2 or 3 inches of space—ugh!! 

No worries! Geoff cut a hole in the back of the cabinet, which was easy to do because it's not like it's super high quality. Brilliant!  Alexa now sits inside, quietly listening for us to call her name and anxious to answer our questions and keep us entertained. 

Problem solved. This among many other things is what I did today. Got my little bathroom cabinet all set up. This makes me happy!

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