What's your EQ?

I’m excited about this episode, because understanding the idea of an EQ—or enough quotient and then learning how to set and adjust an EQ in multiple areas of my life has been life-changing for me. It can be anything, housework to hobbies—something you enjoy less or something you love the most. When you decide to step back and take a good look at whatever it is in the context of any particular day or season, you can establish the right amount for you. When you know how much is enough, you will also know when to be satisfied and when to feel successful.

It was when I was a new scrapbooker that I first became curious about obstacles getting in the way of me feeling successful and it was as editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine—listening to and learning from readers that I began to question the “normal” scapegoats, which were almost always reported as a lack of time, space, money and/or ideas. One day as I was surfing the Internet, I happened about a blog post by Jennifer Louden and this quote …

Not knowing how to declare what satisfies you is at the core of many of your so-called issues.
— Jennifer Louden

I am now a total believer in and advocate for declaring your own success with an enough quotient. This practice has strengthened my ability to recognize my individuality and my worth and absolutely helps me navigate the world of social media.

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