Noticing with Tracey Clark

I adore Tracey Clark and am 100% enamored with her photography. In the episode we talk about the awareness you can gain by using your camera—an iPhone even to notice little, everyday, imperfect, right-now details of your life. This photo is one of my all-time FAVS that Tracey captured years ago. It helped her illustrate who she was in that season.


If you are a creative person, doing what you were born to do and putting yourself “out there” OR if you want to be more of that person, sharing your perspective and passion with the world, then I think you’ll enjoy my conversation with Tracey and be able to take away some actionable wisdom. In my opinion there is much to inspire you and your sharing here. Tracey will speak to how you can lift and inspire those around you and how you can exercise the courage to ask, “Now who am I?” and then begin to answer that question with photos and words. I appreciate Tracey’s authenticity and her willingness to be who and where she is with honesty. I want to practice this more in my life and would certainly encourage this for others—there are so many things in life we can hold onto and through photography you can make those things a permanent part of your story.

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Tracey shared her most current obsession photographing the sky and the ocean. The IG account she loves is @oceanmindedarts or search the hashtag #oceanminded_arts

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