The Power of Words with Ali Edwards


I’ve known Ali Edwards for many years. When I was editor at Simple Scrapbooks, Ali was a regular contributor to our sister publication, Creating Keepsakes, so in a sense we worked in parallel—we both created content for magazines—we are both memory keepers and teachers and we often taught classes at the same events. A few years beyond that, Ali was one of the most popular online teachers at and we LOVED working with her. I shared more of her professional bio in the episode, but here let me add that one of the primary reasons I adore Ali so much is the inspiring way she documents everyday life with her family. She is real and open with life—the good and the difficult. Through her many workshops, she has led tens of thousands of women in their quest to document both the momentous and the mundane. Ali is also a fantastic example of how traveling with a single word can help you live your current story and enhance the quality of your life—in fact, I know you’ll LOVE this episode because we talk about the power of words — as it relates to memory keeping, family life and personal well-being. If you’re not familiar with Ali’s annual project, called One Little Word, be sure to watch this video.

You’ll also get to hear Ali talk about her health and some of the changes she is making to preserve and promote her vitality and combat frustrating conditions. She mentions that she is currently following the Wahls protocol, so I’m linking HERE to Dr. Terry Wahls website. Ali is really great to share what she is learning about health and wellness on her @ae_wellness Instagram account, so if you’re wanting more detailed information, you will enjoy following her there.

Ali mentions a few times using Project Life, which is both a memory keeping approach and full system of products developed by our mutual friend, Becky Higgins.

The idea of reading a list of words came from Liz Lamoreux


You can learn much more about Ali at and specifically on her about page, HERE.

Be sure to peruse her favorite pages and projects because that’s my favorite part. Ali’s scrapbooks are full of the kinds of details I love.

As always I’m so grateful to you for listening. If you have questions or comments, leave them here as a comment or send me an email — I love hearing from you!

And remember, YOU have exactly enough time for the important things in your life.