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Chase and His Goggles

I love this picture!
It reminds me of a fun weekend road trip we took to Seattle, but that’s not why I love it. I love it for what happened right after I snapped it. My sweet little Chase, who by the way, rarely looks at the camera, made his way urgently to the side of the pool and immediately burst into tears “Chase, what’s the matter?” I asked.

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Valerie and Me

I don’t remember where or even exactly when this picture was taken …
it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that this is the only photo of just me and Valerie Rose Julian. Valerie is my mother-n-law, who died just days after my 2nd wedding anniversary. She was a strong and independent woman who fought hard for two years before losing her battle with cancer.

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Chase and the Stranger

It was April, 2009, our family was checking in at the airport for the flight to our spring break destination, when Chase went missing—not an uncommon occurrence! As my eyes scanned the area, I noticed him a ways off, sitting and chatting with a complete stranger. 

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Trey and the Cowboy Hat

“Mom … guess know what? I don’t have a hat!”

Trey was right, no cowboy is complete without a hat. We finished our preparations, and in spite of the late hour, raced to the store and purchased this little felt one for $2.79. I think that hat graced his head only long enough to make his entrance, and then as these things often go, we never saw it again.

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