Chase and His Goggles

I love this picture!
It reminds me of a fun weekend road trip we took to Seattle, but that’s not why I love it. I love it for what happened right after I snapped it. My sweet little Chase, who by the way, rarely looks at the camera, made his way urgently to the side of the pool and immediately burst into tears “Chase, what’s the matter?” I asked.
“Oh, Mom, I’m so sad (sob, sob). I can’t find my goggles, and I wanted to wear them in the picture like Clark did, and I can’t find them, and I think they’re lost.”
Chase, I said, trying not to laugh, “Don’t cry honey. I know where your goggles are.”
“You do mom?”
“Yes, sweetheart, I do. Take your hand and go like this,” (as I touched the top of my head.)
“Oh thanks Mom. Thanks! Can we take another picture now?”

The big picture message behind this cute picture is the fact that sometimes the answers to life’s perplexing questions are closer than we think. Like the googles on Chase’s head, but we don’t or can't see them. We don’t realize how easy or obvious the answer actually is. When the answer does becomes clear, the fog of frustration lifts and we find new energy and excitement for moving forward with opportunities. 
Good stuff.

NOTE: This is a page in my Photos I Love album. I’ve undertaken a project—without a deadline—to publish the stories that are hidden away in my many scrapbooks. I am keen to get these stories online, so that A) they are archived and B) they are shareable

Edited Jan. 2019
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