Trey Day | May 2017

I just sent these two pictures to the school to be used in the Senior Mother's Tea slideshow. Am I really, truly graduating my THIRD boy?
Do you now what this means?
I will have more children living outside my home (this fall) than living inside my home. My nest is emptying. I know on paper this is a good thing and exactly what I want for my children—adulthood! But man, this is hard on a mama's emotional well-being. This post however is not about me, it's about TREY.

It's Trey Day!
Trey is one of a kind. He is the child who's personality most resembles mine, so I think I "get him" more often than the others. He is full of energy and life. He sings almost non-stop, and LOVES to be involved, but at the same time, can over-schedule himself and then become overwhelmed and exhausted. He has lots of good friends, but not-so-much a best friend. He exudes happiness, but can feel a diverse range of emotions—over the span of 15 minutes, ha! 

Trey's final theatrical production of his high school career opens on Wednesday. He is the lead actor and I'm SUPER EXCITED to see him do his thing. He has a gift for lighting up a stage. He is so expressive and his comedic timing is well, comedic. Recently, Trey was put in the unfortunate, but expected position of standing up for his beliefs. One of his teachers, in front of two friends, ridiculed him for a decision. This was HARD, but Trey came through more resolved. I'm very proud of him. He has got a very bright future!

Lauren's Day | May 2017

Lauren is Clark's wife. On August 20th last summer, Lauren celebrated her first birthday as a married woman in a hospital. She had been married exactly one week. The honeymoon was winding down after lots of fun and sunshine. On Friday afternoon, August 19th, Clark suffered a perforated peptic (stomach) ulcer. We now know that the vast majority of peptic ulcers are an infection of the stomach caused by the H. Pylori bacteria. Anyway, Clark fell to the floor of their hotel room, writing in severe pain. Perforated ulcers are a medical emergency because the peritoneum fills with stomach acid, which will cause death within 8 to 12 hours. I'm sharing this because my brand-new daughter-in-law (at the time) did exactly what she should have done. She called an ambulance and then called us. I already knew that I liked Lauren, but when she saved my son's life, that sealed the deal. As you can see, this girl is ADORABLE, but she is also cool under pressure. She listened to all of Clark's care givers and asked all the right questions. She is so kind and thoughtful. It was clear then and now that she makes the very best of unfortunate situations. I have wondered for years what it would be like to see one of my sons fall in love and (let's be honest) to "leave" me for another woman. Well, let me tell you ... Lauren has made this transition and family dynamic super EASY. I absolutely LOVE this girl. 

Greenery & Me.

The Pantone color of the year is the color of green that represents new growth!

The Pantone color of the year is the color of green that represents new growth!

I realized the other day that I didn't know what the Pantone Color of the Year is for 2017. What?! I know. Strange. For all the years that I worked in my magazine job or at Big Picture Classes, I always knew the color of the year—always. I was actually headed to bed when the thought popped into my head that I didn't know what this year's color is. I turned around, turned the lights back on, sat down at my computer to look it up, and ... I just about jumped out of my seat. The color is called Greenery and it's my color!!! Hello! I actually have a few friends that call this color of green, "Stacy green" because I am and always have been so completely smitten with a vibrant yellow-green. 

These colors constitute the Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017. It is a mix of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors. 

These colors constitute the Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017. It is a mix of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors. 

If color doesn't lie, and I don't think it can, then 2017 has got to be MY YEAR.

You may have seen this image before. I got it HERE. It's illustrative of the power of color for some of the biggest brands in the world. Click to enlarge!

Since "Greenery" is all about growth, I am choosing to boldly declare that this is a sign from the universe that I've got some exciting growing to do—which is in fact is one of the things I noted in my recent birthday post. For starters, I'm going to create a Stacy Julian color palette consisting of HAPPY colors. I once made a little scrapbook dedicated to my HAPPY colors, but now I'm making it official, as part of my personal brand. By the way, I think everyone should have a personal brand (in all actuality we do) and our own branded colors. Why not? Color is emotion and says a great deal about what we love, feel, stand for, believe and want to become. In other words, color is core to who we are and we should embrace it more often!

If you want to learn more about the message of Greenery for 2017, watch this video. If you just want to tell me how cool it is that MY BEST-LOVED COLOR happens to be the color of the year, then feel free to leave me a comment. You could tell me what YOUR signature color is and how you celebrate it. 

p.s. Technically, my most favorite color is yellow—just like the one pictured in the top left of the color grid above, but because I adore almost ALL greens, I've decided that mixing yellow + green means that YELLOW-GREEN is my go-to signature color. 

Geoff's Birthday | May 2017

It's my sweetheart's turn. This handsome guy is 51 today. I snapped this photo as he was headed out the door to work and I love how very telling it is. Geoff loves Jerry Garcia ties and chocolate breakfast smoothies. Between his role of physician and stake president, Geoff wears a tie nearly every day. And, most days he enjoys a chocolate shake for breakfast. I made this shake this morning, but Geoff generally makes his own and then gives the leftover shake to Addie, who let's him know exactly how it rates on the thickness scale! Notice too that Geoff's iPhone is in his shirt pocket. This guy does a whole lot with his phone. He stays on top of both roles mentioned above and loves to read news articles and church talks, and listen to podcasts and audio books. He rocks the voice recording features for text messages and emails--probably because he has been dictating doctor's notes for years--and he is lightening fast on Google. Geoff likes to be in the know. He reads and researches almost non-stop, which means he (almost) always has the right answer if not a very informed opinion. For the past three years, Geoff has traveled with me to Salt Lake City for the RootsTech conference. This past February, when we were there, he recorded a special memory he has of his mom. We found out last week that this story would be published on the new Story Mic podcast. I think this is a perfect thing to share on Geoff Day, because listening to this 3-minute clip will tell you a great deal about who my husband is and why! Click HERE to visit the podcast page or just listen below. 

See? Good stuff.
I love this guy ❤️ 

Chase Day | May 2017

In anticipation of today and writing this post, I sent Chase a text message and said, "Send me a pic right now!" He did, and guess what? He was IN THE LIBRARY. This is huge. When I was a college student, my dad drilled me about spending time in the library during the day. He said, "Treat your classes and studies as if they were an eight hour job. Don't go back to your dorm/apt until your work is done." Naturally, I have passed this wisdom on to my kids. And, how totally awesome is it that when I asked for a "right now" pic, Chase was in the library!! I'm so totally and completely PROUD of this boy. He is now 22 years old and studying at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Last fall in a career exploration class he discovered that his personality and temperament would be a good match for a career in counseling of some sort. He is taking his first psychology class this semester. Chase loves the French language, movies, and especially Star Wars movies. He collects all things Star Wars and faithfully observes, "May the 4th be with you" which has now become National Star Wars day. Chase is currently dating a darling girl, named Kiera from the Portland area. She quickly recognized as does everyone who spends anytime with Chase, that he is the NICEST person (pretty much on the planet). After some less-than-ideal experiences with boys, she is enjoying being treated like a princess! Last week, I received a random thank you card in the mail, from a Mrs. Rasmussen, who I do not know. Apparently, Chase was enlisted to help her and her husband move. This is some of what she said, "Chase was one of those that came to help. He showed up the next 2 days with a smile and a willingness to help ... I thought you might like to know how helpful and unselfish Chase was as he gave of his time in our service. He is definitely an example to those around him. Thank you for raising a wonderful Christ-like son."

Chase was recently called to serve as the Elder's Quorum President in his student ward. This is a pretty big responsibility and I'm loving talking to him as he is working to add to his natural gifts, new abilities and habits that will bless his life. Chase is always improving and he continually reminds me how lucky I am to be his mother. He pretty much rocks my world! 🌎❤️