That was Easy.

A few months back I asked YOU, my listeners to share ideas and solutions for making life easier, and you responded. This episode is the result and let me just begin by saying how grateful I am for the ability to connect with other people and especially women who strive to learn and grow and become better at life, even in small and simple lifehack ways.

I started today’s sharing with one of my BEST lifehacks ever … clipboards. You can learn more about how we use clipboards in our home, HERE.


I want to thank everyone who shared their ideas—my sisters included. Honestly, sisters are one of the best lifehacks God has given me. I’m so lucky that I have two remarkable sisters that I can call on and learn from. Each of the contributors to today’s episode will be receiving some happy mail in the form of a Story Starter kit, which is truly a lifehack for memory keeping. I appreciate Close To My Heart, who is sponsoring my podcast with Story Starter kits. Whenever I share a SpeakPipe message on the show, I send a Story Starter kit as a reward.

At the very end of today’s episode, Geoff and I share our most recent lifehack discovery—how to EASILY peel a hard boiled egg. Here’s the video …

As always, thanks for listening. I would LOVE to hear from you. Leave me a message here in the comments, or send me a message using the SpeakPipe button—it’s bright orange and found in the sidebar here or on my blog.

YOU have exactly enough time!

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