Invisible Dragons with Angie Lucas

I first met Angie Lucas when she interviewed for the position of managing editor at Simple Scrapbooks magazine. My at-the-time team was pretty small, but we were growing and we REALLY needed someone to be command central in Utah—I worked from my home in Washington—and manage the production schedule, make assignments, receive submissions and be in the Simple offices to collaborate with other team members. Angie was the right fit. I later worked with Angie at Big Picture Classes, when we purchased her start up, Ella Publishing and brought her on to help us develop and refine content.

Angie and I haven’t worked together since 2014, so I’m extra delighted to have this conversation with her and I’m SUPER excited to visit with her about her latest adventure authoring a children’s book. This book, My Big Dumb Invisible Dragon will be released next month. Angie’s hope is to teach children (and their adults) about empathy and emotional literacy, and to offer hope and healing to readers—of ALL ages—who have experienced loss and grief. While these are weighty themes, they are delivered in a friendly tone with touches of humor and alongside adorable illustrations by Birgitta Sif.

In my interview, Angie notes that picture books are not just for children and I wholeheartedly agree, so let’s give away one of the earliest copies. To make yourself eligible to win, leave a comment below with your name. I’ll will randomly select a winner on July 1st.

UPDATE July 5th, 2019: Janelle is the winner of Angie’s book. Thanks ALL for listening and leaving comments!

I know you’ll enjoy this episode and as promised in the show, here are the links for Angie’s responses to People, Places and Things …

From the

From the

Person: Allison Faulkner on The Allison Show podcast
Place: Canyonlands and the dessert in Southern Utah
Thing: The Tul line of products available at Office Depot

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And, finally, here’s a link to the YouTube video, where Ms. Becky reads The Day the Crayons Quit. To learn more about my most favorite picture books go here.