My family is just back from a FUN and sunny week in the Caribbean. On sea days, I taught classes with my friend, Tracie Claibourne and we shared our thoughts on storytelling. My first session was titled, Story-ish—based on one of my favorite children’s books, ish, by Peter H. Reynolds.

In this episode, I dig a little deeper into the wisdom of “ish” and how to loosen the lines that might be preventing you from doing what you love more often.

The ability to see our lives as stories and share those stories with others
is at the core of what it means to be human. We use stories to order
and make sense of our lives, to define who we are, even to construct
our realities: this happened, then this happened, then this.
I was, I am, I will be.
We recount our dreams, narrate our days and
organize our memories into stories we tell others and ourselves.
As natural-born storytellers, we respond to others’ stories
because they are deeply, intimately familiar.
— John Capecci & Timothy Cage

John Capecci & Timothy Cage are the authors of Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference


Steven Pressfield wrote The War of Art. In my estimation this is a must-read manual for anyone who is determined to put their creative work into the world. If you want to learn more about Mr. Pressfield and resistance, you can actually take a FREE audio course with 5 lessons. Click HERE. 

At the end of the episode, Kelli poses a question about HOW to best back up photos on an iPhone. If you’d like to respond and share what you’re doing or what you’ve learned, leave a comment below!