In this episode I share with you the beginning of two stories that have just recently collided. But before I do that, I report back on two listeners who have taken action on naming their inner critics. They are practicing the kind of bravery Todd Henry talks about here …

It’s tempting to believe that some people are born brave, and others are naturally timid. While it’s true that some creative pros are able to shut down the chattering narratives that call their ideas into question, it’s also true that those of us who struggle with confidence can develop the discipline of bravery so that we can defend our ideas and put them into the world.”

Bravery is a discipline.
— Todd Henry

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Look around. What do you do? Who do you love? Where are you going next? Is there a beginning story linked to any of your answers to these questions? 

Everyone and everything they do has a beginning.
— T. S. Eliott

The image for this episode is Buck Brush. You’ll have to listen to know why that’s important to my Dad’s story. Photo Credit: Paul Slichter