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My 2016 @Home Mini Album

Yesterday I was invited to visit with Tracie Claiborne on her podcast, Live Inspired. Before the show started Tracie asked me if I still scrapbook. I said incredulously, "Of course I still scrapbook!" But then I got to thinking, how would Tracie know this? I stink at sharing my work. The main reason for this is that I've become quite lazy. When I consider the effort involved in photographing pages/projects and getting them posted, I generally choose something else to do, ha! But, with my 2017 emphasis on writing/blogging I'm going to try and do better. I'll start with this mini album project that I taught at She Loves Color in October. I'm still a HUGE fan of small albums that can take the place of a bigger, more time-intensive chronological projects, simply because some years I don't feel like making lots of pages and yet I still want to document the year—AND you can EASILY do this through a different lens—in this case, your HOME. Remember, chronology is just ONE WAY to organize the photos and stories in a scrapbook. This means there are many, many other way. 

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