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EASY + YUMMY = Breakfast!

If you've been reading for a bit you may remember that I have a renewed goal to make pancakes on Saturday mornings. Because gluten and I are no longer friends, I'm always on the look out for GF recipes that are easy and delicious. This is one such recipe ...

I've been making this one on and off for three or four years, but I usually make it for just Addie and me on Late Start mornings (Thursday) and the boys never get any! For the first two years I had to look it up the recipe on Pinterest, EACH time I wanted to make them. I finally wised up and typed up my own copy for my recipe binder. Note: I'm kinda still old fashioned in that I like printed recipes, most of the time! This recipe is from Mountain Mama Cooks. As stated above, it's easy and delicious and the only thing I've tweaked is that I leave out the honey, because I serve these with real maple syrup and they don't need any extra sweetness. The ripe banana does the trick. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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Ginger Bunnies

I'm certain that I have blogged about ginger bunnies before (I have yet to unearth a previous post) but I want to revisit this story, publish my fist-ever scrapbook page about these cookies, link to a recent post I contributed to and then share some more recent photos, along with additional ideas for preserving and sharing this kind of holiday tradition over time. 

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