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I'm writing a new book.

It's true and I'm excited, but I need your help!

First, let me tell you how this happened ...
I had the truly awesome opportunity to present a class last February at the RootsTech event in Salt Lake City. I was super nervous, because this was the first time I had presented outside the scrapbooking industry and I wasn't sure if my ideas would resonate with the RootsTech audience, As I've said in my post yesterday, RootsTech was mind-blowing. There were so many people there that even my (first-timer) class was full—standing room only. Once I stood up to teach, the anxiety melted away. I began to talk and there was lots of energy in the room, I realized that the new audience wasn't a problem, because I LOVE photos and stories, and so did they. I was still sharing what I love, just in a new way, so it flowed and I felt surprisingly comfortable. I had tons of support. Geoff flew down to be with me and so did my Mom and Dad—and my Utah family came out in force—even Clark skipped his class and drove up from BYU (about an hour away) and sat on the front row, so mama would have someone to look at if needed! Immediately following my presentation, several people came forward to ask questions and make comments. I was on cloud nine—I had that unmistakable post-presentation feeling of immense relief and I was suddenly very HUNGRY. As I made my way out into the hall, a woman stepped forward and introduced herself as the acquisitions editor for Cedar Fort Publishing and said, "I'd like you to put what you've just shared into a book." Woah. I was momentarily stunned, but then I came to my senses and said something like, "I don't think so, I'm trying to retire!" We chatted for a moment and I then I told her we could talk later and gave her my phone number.  

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