I'm writing a new book.

Simple Scrapbooks ( Creating Keepsakes Books 2000), The Big Picture (Simple Scrapbooks 2005) and Photo Freedom (Simple Scrapbooks 2008) are my previous books. I also self published Core Composition in 1997. My new book will be published next year, by Cedar Fort Publishing. 

It's true! I'm excited, but I need your help!

First, let me tell you how this happened ...
I had the truly awesome opportunity to present a class last February at the RootsTech event in Salt Lake City. I was super nervous, because this was the first time I had presented outside the scrapbooking industry and I wasn't sure if my ideas would resonate with the RootsTech audience, As I've said in my post yesterday, RootsTech was mind-blowing. There were so many people there that even my (first-timer) class was full—standing room only. Once I stood up to teach, the anxiety melted away. I began to talk and there was lots of energy in the room, I realized that the new audience wasn't a problem, because I LOVE photos and stories, and so did they. I was still sharing what I love, just in a new way, so it flowed and I felt surprisingly comfortable. I had tons of support. Geoff flew down to be with me and so did my Mom and Dad—and my Utah family came out in force—even Clark skipped his class and drove up from BYU (about an hour away) and sat on the front row, so mama would have someone to look at if needed! Immediately following my presentation, several people came forward to ask questions and make comments. I was on cloud nine—I had that unmistakable post-presentation feeling of immense relief and I was suddenly very HUNGRY. As I made my way out into the hall, a woman stepped forward and introduced herself as the acquisitions editor for Cedar Fort Publishing and said, "I'd like you to put what you've just shared into a book." Woah. I was momentarily stunned, but then I came to my senses and said something like, "I don't think so, I'm trying to retire!" We chatted for a moment and I then I told her we could talk later and gave her my phone number.  

Fast forward to today. We've chatted, and I have now signed a contract and I have a looming deadline. This is where the HELP comes in. I desperately need accountability, and the more public and widespread it can be, the better! I recently found something on Pinterest that describes my (ENFP) personality and my approach to big projects to a T ...

I created my own version with the Rhonna Designs app, which btw, I adore!

The thing is, I have been honing my procrastinating skills for years and have pretty-much gotten away with putting things off (to the bitter end) because I was the editor of the magazine and I owned the company (Big Picture Classes) that generated most of my deadlines. This is no longer the case (insert scrunched up/twisted face emoji.) So, I'm in trouble and I am therefore officially inviting you to tweet, email (stacy@stacyjulian.com) or message me anytime and ask, "How's the book coming?" 

The book doesn't yet have a title yet, but it is about celebrating family connections and making them visible in our homes and lives. It will be similar to my other books, with part liberating philosophy and part easy project ideas. I'll be sharing some of my projects here on the blog, as they take shape and form—and, the extra cool part is I'm not the only one creating projects. I have several talented contributors that I will be telling you about in the coming days and weeks. 

You'll be glad to know that I did actually meet my first deadline which was for author bios. I needed a short, more professional bio and a longer, more personal one. I HATE writing author bios. It is such a painful process. After what felt like hours of wordsmithing and fussing, my sister Darci happened to call and ask what I was doing. I groaned and moaned and finally read what I had written to her. She laughed hysterically and said, "Oh my heavens, just write something like this ..." (see below) I dictated as fast as she talked and the laughter that ensued was the very relief I needed to wrap up both bios and be done. Love that sister of mine!

Stacy is a really cool person with a bunch of really cool kids. She has done some really cool things, like start a magazine and a cool website, where thousands of students gather to take cool, creative classes. Stacy has travelled a ton, to really cool places, like New Zealand and London, and now Stacy has written this book, which is way super cool, because she loves projects and especially extra-cool projects she can display around her house, which by the way is decorated with lots of crazy cool colors. If you’re ever in Liberty Lake, which is way far east in Washington state, right by the border of Idaho, you should stop and see Stacy. That would be cool.

Totally uncool: Having to write about yourself in the third person and make yourself sound amazingly cool.

Seriously, try it sometime. Write about yourself in the third person with the goal of making yourself sound amazing. 100% Painful. Trust me. 

Books and bios require head shots. I need help here too ...
I'm giving you three choices. You can click on the image to make it larger and then, please tell me which one you like best, or even better, which one, when seen on the back cover of a book, looks like a super cool and smart author, ha!

So, I have a book to write. That's the news. I think what I should do next is perhaps set up a regular time to Periscope (live broadcast via the Periscope app) and report my progress to anyone who will watch—maybe Friday mornings? I'll let you know on Instagram!

I do have a few other things in the works as well. I am, as mentioned in this post, planning on teaching Finding Photo Freedom at the new BPC in early 2016. So no worries there, that's still happening and I have greatly appreciated ALL of the feedback I have received. Thank YOU! I am also partnering with some really FUN people to share the Photo Freedom message in a new way. Stay-tuned for that. And, if you have read recent posts, then you know that I am also presenting at a CTMH event in November AND, that I get to teach at RootsTech again, in February 2016. 

That's a fair number of deadlines.
But, with your help, I think we can do this!