Light the World 2018

I absolutely LOVE making this annual Light The World campaign a part of our family’s Christmas celebrations. I am beginning today by sharing this video with YOU and with my kids, so we can talk about HOW and WHAT we want to do. Everything kicks off on December 1st with the Worldwide Day of Service and then each week has a difference emphasis. Week one, is all about serving and lighting the WORLD, week two we’ll focus on serving and lighting locally in our COMMUNITIES, week three the focus will be in our homes where we’ll serve and light our FAMILIES and week four as we approach December 25th will help us light our own individual FAITH. I’m thrilled with the way this effort is organized this year and I’m ALL in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’ll be joining in this effort—what ideas do you have or opportunities are you are aware of. I’ll try to share more as the Julians develop our plan. Of course some of the most important service we do this time of year is Spirit-directed and impromptu, but I still need a plan to keep me at least partially on track!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.