EASY Thanksgiving Memory Idea!


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Ok. Seriously. 🦃❤️ 

I LOVE these little Story Starter books. What can you NOT do with them?
Picture this … you set your Thanksgiving table and put a blank (or almost blank) story card on each plate. Then after everyone is seated, but before you start passing around the mashed potatoes, you explain that each person will take a turn and share a grateful memory from 2018. Hopefully this effort will direct your feasting conversation away from politics or other risky topics and in a positive direction—then after everyone has cleaned their plates, you will ask them to write what they shared verbally on the card. When they are done, you’ll take a photo of them, holding their little “story.” When the dishes are done and everyone is gone, you’ll slip the photos and story cards together into your FAVORITE Story Starter album (I used the black and white polka dot design) and congratulate yourself for creating a super EASY and fun memento that you can pull out next November!

I will be revisiting this post with additional photos or maybe a little video, but I didn’t want to wait until after Thursday because then it would be too late for you to play along.

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving with plenty of pie and all the goodness that comes with sharing grateful memories with family and friends.

Remember this …

From the Simple As That blog.

From the Simple As That blog.

Oh and, FYI: On my cover is a little felt turkey sticker that I found at Hobby Lobby. I used the Simply Said stamp set for “THANKFUL” and I stitched around the brown cardstock on my sewing machine. The “Remember this …” at the top of my story cards is from this set.