Fill-in-the-Blank Candy Valentine

If you've been around awhile then you know I have a fondness for Valentine party games ... my Minute-to-Win-It game has enjoyed some popularity on Pinterest, so I thought why not create something similar again this year.

I'm calling this a Fill-in-the-Blank Candy Valentine, which can be likened to a candy bar poster, only on the  small scale of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper!

Basically, you supply each participant with a small bag of mini-sized candy and candy bars (see my list below) and then print one of two PDF Valentines both of which are designed for school parties. The version pictured here first is Option 1 and is probably appropriate for 4th grade and above. I tested it out this afternoon on Trey (19) and Taft (16) and they both found it a little challenging—meaning they didn't get it right the first time, ha!

For older kids and teens, I think it would be extra FUN to use a stopwatch or host a little contest to see who in a room full of kiddos can correctly fill the blanks first. The best part is that after they've made an honest attempt, they get to keep the sweet stuff. So, it's like preparing a party favor bag that can used to play a game before they take it home!

Option 2 features the same words, but the blanks are shapes, so matching the candy and candy bars is easier visually and therefore a better match for younger children. I bet 1st graders could do this, and at that age, it might make a really FUN group game, where the teacher or room mom reads the Valentine message aloud slowly and asks for input along the way as everyone fills in the blanks together. This version is also a little more interactive, because you have to turn and twist the paper to add the treats as you read the note. Both versions are my true-to-form imperfectly rendered designs. Here's how the note is supposed to read. 

Hey Valentine, 
You're a (smartie) and I'm no (Dum Dum), so let's PARTY and have a (M&M) marvelous and magical day. We can't take a (Fun Dip) in the pool, but we can have (Mounds) of (Snickers) without spending (100 Grand). Teacher says No (Kisses x2), but don't worry, we are (Mint) to be together. Nothing will ever come (Twix) YOU and ME! 


There are 10 bags of mini-sized candy you need to purchase ...
1. Smarties
2. Dum Dum
3. M&Ms
4. Fun Dip
5. Mounds
6. Snickers
7. 100 Grand
8. Kisses
9. "Mint" Patties
10. Twix 

You could totally swap out an Almond Joy for the Snickers.

Click to print Option 1 & Option 2
Let me know if and how you use this ❤️


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