Chip Chip Hooray!


We almost bought our Valentines at Walmart this year. There were SO MANY CUTE options, but then I thought, with homeschool on the horizon and with Addie’s age, this is probably the last year that I get to prepare Valentine’s with her for your class friends, so we decided to seize the moment!


This girl is my little chip lover—chips and popcorn are her most FAVORITE treats. She begs me for Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips whenever we go to the grocery store, and at Costco, she hums and haws about which big variety box to get for school lunches. The theme of chips therefore seemed most appropriate! And, here’s my annual disclaimer: I’m NO designer, but I make do well enough and hope that some other busy mom out there will appreciate the effort!

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 7.01.42 PM.png

The PDF printable features 4, 5” bag-toppers. All you have to do is print it on white card stock paper, cut out on straight lines, fold in half and staple to the top of each bag of chips. I had Addie write the kids’ names on the back above the heart and then sign her name—Let’s hear it for fun and done. Chip Chip Hooray!

Click HERE to download the printable.