Geoff Day | February. 2019


Today is Geoff Day.

And, since Geoff is my forever valentine, I thought it might be fun and appropriate to share 15 reasons I adore him—on the 15th.

But, I before we get to my list, I want to share this video that I watched early in the week.

Warning: DO NOT WATCH THIS unless you’re ok crying your eye make-up off, and by all means, go get a box of Kleenex before you hit the play button.

I like this video because I believe it’s smart from time to time to consider how fragile life is and how quickly things can change. We say things like, “ in sickness and in health” when we make promises in marriage, but what IF? What if my future ends up looking like something similar to what this video portrays? I’m certainly NOT suggesting that we hang out in worry. That’s not healthy. I am suggesting—to myself of course—that we remember to be present with what we have today and this Valentine’s Day week. I want and need to be grateful for what my husband and I have right now, knowing that things will continue to grow and evolve and most likely change! I’m all in with my honey. We’re in our 30th year of this marriage thing. The smartest thing I’ve ever done is marry Geoff Julian, so in honor of that decision, and for my posterity, here’s a short list of the silly and the serious reasons that I adore him.

1. He puts up with my throw pillows.  LOTS of throw pillows.

2.  He supports my crazy ideas.  No explanation needed.

3.  He’s totally sexy (It is Valentine’s week after all)

4. He installs a new outlet when I mention in passing that my vacuum cord won’t stay plugged in—seriously, like the very next day—Geoff drives to Home Depot and comes home with three new outlet covers and installs them. His LOVE language to me is (frequent) acts of service.

5.  He gives me really good hugs, anytime I ask.
NOTE: Fairly recently, my sister-in-law Kristin told me about 20-second hugs. Apparently, this is how long it takes to encourage a release of oxytocin. I think she may be right as we’ve tried extending our hugs a few times and I think there is a definite and deeper sense of relaxation and security that washes over both of you as you slow down just a bit.

6. He takes me on regular Netflix dates.
NOTE: For years I entertained thoughts about not getting enough “dates” with my husband, but then a few years ago, I realized that I have an opportunity to date him almost every night, after the kids go to bed. Instead of busying myself with some other project, I can brew a cup of tea and sit by my sweetheart on the couch. It really is that EASY. Of course as an extrovert, I do require the occasional “go out” kind of date, that may or may not involve another couple. And, I can ask for one of these whenever I need one.

7. He puts his socks in the dirty clothes bin.

8. He puts on a shirt and tie almost everyday. Geoff is a physician during the week and serves at church on Sundays, so I get to see him “dressed up” often and I love that.

9. He is SUPER smart and loves to learn. Geoff reads and listens to the news (I don’t) and he is informed by a variety of opinions and sources, so it is exceptionally enlightening to ask him at dinner, “So, what’s going on in the world?”

10. He shovels snow. I have never had to ask him to shovel the driveway or the porch. When he’s not home, I take my turn, but I LOVE that he just does it. He’s very responsible like that.

11. He doesn’t get mad. Geoff is my steady, even-tempered man and the older I get, the more I realize how very fortunate I am.

12. He wrote me a song and gave it to me last year for Christmas. I came across it again a week or so back and thought, “Seriously! How cool is this?” I might share it here sometime soon.

13. He is a GREAT dad. He is not perfect, but he is hard working and humble and his example to our boys has been so important in their development. And, he is especially fond of his little girl. In spite of being very busy, he prioritizes opportunities to expose her to Korean culture. I LOVE that.

14. He takes care of the details. Whether it’s arranging all the particulars of travel, filing the taxes or replacing the air filters in the furnace. He’s got me covered.

and finally …

15. He is mine. I thank my Father in Heaven daily for the blessing of being his.

❤️ I hope you enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day with those you LOVE.