Taft’s BIRTHDAY | 5.2017

My most cautious driver yet!

Taft's first "day" just so happens to be his BIRTHDAY too. I doubt I can actually get away with calling this boy "Tafty" much longer. Even though he is my baby and always will be, Taft is now big and tall and I'm certain if he wanted to push me around, he absolutely could. The thing is, while he is very determined (read can be stubborn) Taft is incredibly tender and sensitive. He is a wonderful friend, who has a small, but fiercely loyal group of friends. This year, Taft has been planning and executing super-creative birthday gifts for each of his "best" friends. Case in point: When Keandra left on her spring break trip to Paris, Taft gave her a little photo-album filled with famous Paris photos that he printed from the Internet. He left the opposite pocket on each page open and slipped in a note inviting her to take her own picture of each destination. Another gift included soliciting a big bag of "freebies" from our friend, who owns a local promotional company so that he could give these items to his friend, Calvin, who loves FREE stuff. Taft's love language is (thoughtful) gifts and I would add remembering and honoring traditions, like birthday pancakes. I can do a much better job of honoring this language for him! 

Of course a sixteenth birthday in the states means a driver's license. Taft took his driving course last summer and took the opportunity to understand driving and rules of the road very seriously. He is now working on completing his 50 hours. He was so busy with school and tech crew this past winter, that he drive at all, so we have some refreshing to do. He plans on taking his license exam very soon. Perhaps we'll talk him into driving tonight when we go to dinner to celebrate his birthday. 

LOVE this boy!