Addie Day | 5.2017


I pulled Addie out of school for 3 days last week, to take her with me on a road trip to Utah, so I could see Lauren Cheney Julian graduate from BYU.  She was a dream. We drove 20+ hours in 3 days and other than a handful of  "how much longer?" questions, she was silent and content with her iPad, books, drawing pads and our basket of snacks. We made routine stops for a restroom, gas, stretching and/or photos. Trey, Addie's big brother and best friend is graduating high school in 40 days, so I have been sending him daily SnapChat messages counting down the days. It occurred to me as I was driving this long, lonesome road home on Saturday, that I could locate a mile marker with a "42" on it, take a photo and send that as my daily chat. At the appointed time, I pulled over—with cars and semi trucks whizzing by at 80 miles per hour—woke Addie from a nap, scooped her into my arms and carried her sock-footed to the mile marker. I explained, "Just stand here and point up and this will take only a second!" 

There was zero resistance. She sprang into action and did as I explained. 

I threw her back in the van, sent my chat off to Trey, merged onto the interstate, set my cruise control and glanced back at her through the rear-view mirror ... she was fast asleep. 

I LOVE this girl. 

Note: This is my first post in a new effort to better celebrate, recognize and document my family members. You can read more about Family Days HERE.