Trey Day | 5.2017

I just sent these two pictures to the school to be used in the Senior Mother's Tea slideshow. Am I really, truly graduating my THIRD boy?
Do you now what this means?
I will have more children living outside my home (this fall) than living inside my home. My nest is emptying. I know on paper this is a good thing and exactly what I want for my children—adulthood! But man, this is hard on a mama's emotional well-being. This post however is not about me, it's about TREY.

It's Trey Day!
Trey is one of a kind. He is the child who's personality most resembles mine, so I think I "get him" more often than the others. He is full of energy and life. He sings almost non-stop, and LOVES to be involved, but at the same time, can over-schedule himself and then become overwhelmed and exhausted. He has lots of good friends, but not-so-much a best friend. He exudes happiness, but can feel a diverse range of emotions—over the span of 15 minutes, ha! 

Trey's final theatrical production of his high school career opens on Wednesday. He is the lead actor and I'm SUPER EXCITED to see him do his thing. He has a gift for lighting up a stage. He is so expressive and his comedic timing is well, comedic. Recently, Trey was put in the unfortunate, but expected position of standing up for his beliefs. One of his teachers, in front of two friends, ridiculed him for a decision. This was HARD, but Trey came through more resolved. I'm very proud of him. He has got a very bright future!