Lauren Day | 5.2017

This is Lauren Cheney Julian. She is Clark's wife. Lauren celebrated her first birthday as a married woman in a San Diego hospital. This is because on the last day of their honeymoon, Clark unexpectedly fell to the floor writhing in pain. Gratefully, Lauren did the right thing. She called the ambulance and then called us. Turns out, Clark had a peptic ulcer and it had perforated, spilling stomach acid into his peritoneal cavity. When this happens the patient has 8 to 12 hours to get appropriate medical attention or they perish. Yikes!! 😳  This was an legitimate emergency and trust me when I tell you that I was very fond of Lauren before this, but when she saved my son's life ... she instantly became my FAVORITE daughter-in-law ins!! 😘   In all seriousness, Lauren is amazing. She is calm under pressure, kind, thoughtful, smart, capable and as you can see, 100% adorable.

I've wondered for years what it would be like to have a son get married and to essentially hand him off to another woman?! Well, we are now almost a year into this adventure called Clark & Lauren and it has been nothing but delightful. I truly feel that rather than losing a son, I've gained a daughter ❤️  and I have the happy feeling that we are going to be great friends!