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Minute to Win It Valentine Style

Years ago I was in charge of a Valentine's Day party in Taft's classroom. Minute to Win It was big on TV, so I created a candy obstacle course that I could do with 25 4th graders. 

The original Minute to Win It candy obstacle course!

I posted this idea to my blog and had dozens of email requests for the template. When Pinterest came on the scene, somebody must have pinned this little game, because it was subsequently re-pinned many times. Sadly, the original blog post was lost with the rest of my blog content, but most recently, I received an email request asking about this Valentine game. I dug up an image online and have now recreated it. I'm not sure that it will pass the Pinterest test today, when everything is designed all fancy schmancy, because it's the same old Stacy-sketch style, but hey, it's done, and it's fun and I'm sharing!

Here's my new, updated version. I've replaced the Pixie Stick with Nerds, because they are more readily available!

The flow of things is almost self-explanatory, but details are below ...

What You Need (for each child or family member):

1. One print out (you can download template below)
2. 16 Valentine M&Ms
3. One Red Vine
4. One mini box of Nerds candy
5. One Hershey Chocolate Kiss

The Set Up ...
1.  Put this candy in a ziplock baggie or small cellophane bag and pass it out with the templates. 
2. Explain that Minute to Win It game is challenge that you have only 60 seconds to complete. 
3. Help the kids/participants place the candy on the template, so that the M&Ms are in the little cirlces, the Red Vine is along the bottom, the mini-box of Nerds in placed in the center box and the Hershey's Kiss inside the scalloped circle.
4. Give clear instructions for the obstacle course, so they know what to do when the timer begins. 

The Challenge ...
1. Start with M&M math. Add up the red, dark pink and white M&Ms and then subtract the number of light pink M&Ms. Have them show their work in the box provided, and write their answer on the line. 

2. Open the box of Nerds and carefully dump it into the big heart shape. 

3. Bite both ends off the Red Vine, so that you can blow air through it. 

4. Use the Red Vine to gently blow all of the Nerds outside the lines of the heart, but NOT off the desk of table. Note: You could tell them that Nerds everywhere will disqualify them!

5. Use only one hand to open the Hershey Kiss and eat it.

6. Raise your hand when you're all done. 

7. Depending on how strict you want to be, you might want to check the M&M math to be sure it has been done correctly.

I remember this being a real hit at school. Taft's teacher gathered several of the other teachers together to show it off. But, even if you just do this with your kids at home, it's fun and lively. Why not?!

You can download the template by clicking HERE.  Happy February, and I hope you have FUN with this. 

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