Playlist For Life (part 2)

Photo by  Malte Wingen  on  Unsplash

I’m back with part 2 of Playlist for Life.

I’ve loved hearing from those who have listened to part 1 and are already working on and sharing their song lists. There is so much storytelling goodness to be found in songs that have personal meaning and transport us to another time and place. But what happens when what you remember isn’t what the person you were with remembers? I’ll share my experience with this challenge.
I’m also sharing what listeners Meg and Beth have been working on as they consider a playlist for life. This is one of Beth’s personal favorites.

As I’ve continued what I personally started in Episode 28, I’ve realized that for me there are multiple genres of music that I want to explore—classical music and religious hymns belong together with my Rock songs and New Wave memories—so be sure to think outside the Top 40 charts when making your lists.

Here are links to the songs that are making my cut this week …

  1. William Tell Overture
    Gioachino Rossini

  2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  3. How Firm A Foundation
    Attr. Robert Keen

  4. You’re the Inspiration
    Peter Cetera and David Foster for Chicago

  5. Everlasting Love

  6. All Star
    Smash Mouth

  7. Upside Down
    Jack Johnson

  8. Hope
    Jack Johnson

  9. Back Home
    Andy Grammar

Also … have you heard? and Spotify have teamed up to help you create a playlist based on your DNA—songs that perhaps your ancestors may have known, enjoyed, sung or been inspired by. You can learn more in this Deseret News article.

For sure this is an effort that requires intention and thoughtful effort. I’m super inspired by the expertise and insight of San Francisco Symphony conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas. He gets it AND he is inviting anyone and everyone to play a role in passing music on. You can watch his full TED talk here …

Thanks as always for listening. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and SONGS!