Distracted & Questions

Picture this. I picked up Addie from school, stopping at the store on our way home. My sister Darci calls and we talk. I tell her I’m SUPER NERVOUS about a new project I’m working on.
She asks, “What is it?”
I say, “I’m not sure I’m ready to tell you, but when I am ready, I need your input.”
She says, “Tell me!”
I say, “Ok. YIKES. I’m doing a podcast.
Darci, “For reals? You are making your own podcast?”
Me, “Yes. I’ve wanted to for a very long time and …

Addie is listening to all of this—and it goes on for at least 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of sister speak. Darci asking me questions, me answering, me expressing my fears, Darci listening and encouraging me.

Anyway, after we get home, Addie is setting the table and suddenly says, “Mom, I’m very nervous for you.”

And now, you’ll have to listen to hear the rest.


Remember that we talked about giving your inner voice—the one that doubts your abilities and criticizes your efforts—a name. I have name my inner critic, Persephone. What will you name yours?

A Stories I Love album is a fantastic way to gather a few photos you love and pair them with detailed memories. Learn more here. This new product kit is based on my Photos I Love concept that I’ve been teaching for years. I know it works!!

Also, when interviewing someone you love—with limited time or not—a great first question to ask is something like this: Walk me through your childhood home. This is a great first question because it will immediately put your interviewee at ease and engage their mind in recalling something they know very well—viscerally—because they have lived there, or been there so often that the experience is imprinted in their memory. They will mentally “bump into” so many opportunities to share, that stories will come pouring out.

Here are a few additional questions that can be very helpful:
1. What are 3 words that you would use to describe yourself?
2. Tell me about something you never thought you would be able to do?
3. How would you like loved ones to remember you someday?

Thanks for listening!