Trey Day | 9.18

🇲🇽 I realized he was holding the flag backwards—after I snapped the picture—of course!

🇲🇽 I realized he was holding the flag backwards—after I snapped the picture—of course!

I’m playing catch up again. This time for Trey Day. If you follow me on social media at all then you probably know that Trey, now Elder Julian departed for his 2-year mission on September 19th, just days before his 20th birthday on the 22nd. When he received his mission call to Hermosillo, Mexico he was to report to the missionary training center in Mexico City, leaving on the 18th—but there was a delay with his VISA so they changed his departure to the 19th and his destination to the MTC in Provo, Utah. Secretly I was kinda glad, because his parents and his two older brothers have all trained there. Plus, I wanted to send him a birthday package right off the bat and I knew that it would be tricky to get the timing right if he was headed out of the country.

As far as the birthday goes, I put a package in the mail the day he left. I also found a place online where I could order birthday donuts and have them delivered directly to the MTC. And, the best gift of all is the little Story Starter album I had our family create for him on Sunday before he left. We each wrote him a note and I then wrapped up the album (before snapping any pictures of course 😐 dumb me) and tucked it away deep in his carry on.

As it turns out, we received our first letter from him on his birthday, but there was no mention of the birthday or any of those things I arranged. I’m hoping this is because he was just too excited with everything else new and exciting to report. Missionaries have one day a week that is called P-day (P for preparation) I’m thinking that Saturdays are Trey’s P-day while he is in Provo, so I need to get an email written to him with all of my mom questions before then.

I’m assuming most of you have likely seen missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before, as they are pretty recognizable in their white shirts, dark suits and name tags. The fact that they come in pairs also helps, ha! But I thought it might be fun to post a short video about the purpose of and life in the Missionary Training Center (MTC for short) for those unfamiliar with this very unique place and this aspect of missionary preparation.

Here’s Trey’s first letter, just for fun and memories …

Wow only four days into the MTC and I'm already fluent in spanish! Just kidding! But I have already learned how to offer a prayer in spanish which is so cool. These past couple of days have been crazy. They have been so jam-packed with classes, activities, and spiritual experiences. Already I have felt the blessings that come with being a missionary. The morning of my flight I woke up feeling sick. I totally had a sore throat and could feel a cold coming on. I decided to ignore it and try to push through it. Once I got to the MTC it started to get worse and worse. I started to feel pretty nasty and wanted to just take a rest and lay down, but I didn't. (which is pretty hard to do when you're sick). Thursday night was the night when I felt the worst, and that night we had a meeting with our entire zone, where we were interviewed by the zone presidency and such. While we were waiting to be interviewed, the wife of the zone president reminded us of the story given by President Gordon B. Hinckley where his father tells him, "forget yourself and go to work". I cannot tell you how thankful I am for those words of advice in that moment, and it really touched me. I was thinking so much about me and how crappy I felt, but I was reminded that I am not here for me. That night I prayed that I might forget myself and strive to go to work. I woke up the next morning and my sore throat was healed and my cold was gone. I am telling you that the Lord does perform miracles and that the spirit on this campus is SO strong. The Lord will answer your prayers if you will pray with a sincere heart and with real intent. 
So far I love the MTC and it is really not very stressful at all (except on the first day, especially if you are sick). I love my companion Elder Petersen who is from Ogden Utah. We get along really well and we have a lot in common. He is hilarious. My teacher is hermano Nelson and he is a really great teacher and is super nice. He is a teacher and an office administrator. The district is great. There are I believe 16 elders in our district and only 2 hermanas. About half of us are going to be serving in Hermosillo Mexico, and the others will serving in Guadalajara Mexico. I love all of them they are so great and we all really get along. I was assigned to be the district leader. That basically means that I am supposed to look out for everyone in the district and take any of their concerns or questions to the zone leaders or the president. I also have to pick up everyone's mail everyday. I have to go to a meeting for the district and zone leaders early each Sunday morning. So far everything is going great and I love it here. I am having A BLAST! The food in the MTC is soooooo good, I don't care what anyone says, it is straight money! I can't wait to continue to learn spanish and to exercise my testimony. Already I see my testimony growing stronger. Sometimes in class I say something and then I think, "wait did that just come out of my mouth?". I swear in the MTC the spirit guides you so much in what to say and do. I love you all and I'm thankful for your prayers and letters. 
Hasta luego, familia!❤

Pictures from L —> R
1. Trey’s companion, Elder Peterson from Odgen, Utah, 2. The Elders that room together in unit 301, 3. The view from his classroom at the MTC, 4. Boys practicing selfies the “old fashioned” way with point and shoot cameras! I don’t think I’ll be posting many letters in full, but what a great way to celebrate Trey Day at the very beginning of his missionary service.

LOVE this boy so much!
Note: post-dated for the 22nd