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Prepping for RootsTech + Periscope plans

I'm really wanting to be better this year at simply checking in and documenting more regularly what I'm doing and thinking and anticipating. I miss doing that kind of blogging (the just for me and my family kind) because it's so fun to go back to read. This is the first time really since completing the bulk of writing for my *almost* book that I've had the urge to sit down and write. I've been enjoying that wonderful "no deadline" feeling and the freedom to pay more attention to my house and healthy eating and better exercise and the little clean-up and organize projects here and there. I've still got my RootsTech presentation looming, but with all the work I did on my book, it's coming together pretty easily. I uploaded my syllabus last night (late of course) but I'm feeling a sense of relief about that this morning. 

In addition to being a presenter—a very small presenter—I have also had the good fortune of being a RootsTech Ambassador, which means I get to attend the media dinner and sit in really awesome seats for all of the general sessions, so that I can take pictures and post information and updates to social media. This really is a HUGE and exciting event to attend, and it dovetails perfectly with pretty much everything I'm passionate about (scrapbooking, storytelling, family, family history, entrepreneurs and innovation and SUPER inspiring keynote presentations) so it's kind of a Disneyland feeling for three straight days! Anyway, I'm working on my Keynote (powerpoint) slides today and tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my family members, including Clark and his new girlfriend (yikes!) in Utah next week. I fly out on Tuesday and return Sunday. My parents are coming from Seattle, so Darci and Kevin waited to schedule Cache's baptism so that we could all be there -- this makes me extremely happy! 

I feel like I'm slowly figuring out where I want to fit in and what I want to focus on and I like that. The whole rejection thing sucks. I've been fighting those "I'm a loser" feelings, but I'm coming out of it now and I'm getting back to finishing some of the projects I started for the *almost* book and honestly, creating just makes me happy (period.) 

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