16 Children's Books to LOVE


Last week I talked about a Library of Memories in a BONUS episode of Exactly Enough Time. For years I’ve thought of my own Library of Memories as being my collection of scrapbooks—that reside primarily in our music room. But more recently I’m realizing that there are memories—vital, personal memories—in many forms all over our house. And this is true for you too. This is true for everyone. Our homes are our libraries and when we think broadly about the opportunity we have to curate, intentionally collect and then display memory-laden items in our home, we are in a way acting as the librarian. One of the things I’ve always loved is children’s books. I have so many favorites, but a few years ago, I brought our MOST favorite children’s books downstairs, where they can be more easily accessed. Sometimes they are in one of my wood-crate shelves near our reading corner. Right now they happen to be all stacked up on my little green phonograph table (purchased in 1994 for $5 at a garage sale) in our living room. These books on this table have got to be one of the happiest spots in our home—I mean library!

Taft was looking over my shoulder as I was writing this post (on an airplane) and kept exclaiming, “Oh! I love that one!” “I call that one when you give these away!”

It’s crazy when you pause to think of the memories associated with the books you have read most frequently to your children, right—the feelings of sitting close on the couch, snuggling before tuck in time or Sunday naps and recuperating on sick days. It seems the more familiar the books are, the better. Well just for FUN, I thought I’d share titles and links to these books. There are a few that are out of print, but most are still available either via Amazon or another online retailer.


Ish + Little Pea + Custard The Cowardly Dragon + Dear Girl

Enemy Pie + Our Tree Named Steve + It’s a Spoon not a Shovel

The Sandwich Swap + Troube with Trolls + What To Do With An Idea + What To Do With a Chance

A Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me (on eBay) + What To Do With a Problem

A Bad Case of Stripes + Lamb-a-Roo (This is an adoption story!) + Library Lion

Not pictured here is The Day the Crayons Quit and The Girl Who Ran. Of course there are many more that I love, but my stack would get too big!

If you’re willing, I’d LOVE you to share one of your favorite children’s books with me.
Leave the title and/or link in the comments below.