World Suicide Prevention Day

In our world today, every person knows someone who has either taken their own life, or suffered the indescribable loss of a love one through suicide. I am trying to learn more about suicide so that I can be prepared to first recognize and second HELP anyone in my circle of influence—whether in my own home, my extended family, my church ward family or in our schools and community. September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day and this weekend is a National Weekend of Prayer.  

I invite you to watch this video or any others today and have conversations with those you love—especially children or grandchildren. This website from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a place to start.  The Take 5 To Save Lives is another AWESOME resource with 5 steps that you can interact with and use to inform and prepare yourself or use to teach your kids. I'm borrowing some images from their site in order to share the 5 STEPS we can all take. 

Step 1.
Is to simply to learn the signs. 
Although it may not always be obvious, individuals experiencing an emotional crisis usually exhibit one or more of the warning signs of suicide. Your ability to identify the signs will better prepare you to take action and could help save a life. Get help immediately if you see or hear any of the following warning signs.

Step 2.
Reminds us that EVERYONE has a role in preventing suicide and then asks, what's your role? Teachers, parents, students, caregivers, and countless other stakeholders all play a vital role in preventing the tragedy of suicide. 

Step 3. 
Research indicates that our mental fitness or wellness is crucial to our overall long-term health, and can even protect us from disease. Learn some tips for keeping mentally fit. Make it a priority! 

Step 4. 
If you or someone you know is in emotional distress you must reach out for help. You are not alone. Learn about different help options and how to take that first step in seeking help and care.

Step 5.
Is to pledge to tell 5 people about Take 5 and WSPD. Let's get people talking! By sharing the Take 5 campaign with 5 other people we can raise awareness and equip people with easy tools to help themselves and others. Click HERE to engage fully with this awesome website. 


Another FANTASTIC resource for awareness in general is the podcast that my friend, Heidi Swapp produces with licensed marriage and family therapist, David Kozlowski. It's called Light the Fight. If you haven't heard of this podcast, check it out AND IF YOU HAVE A TEEN OR KNOW A TEEN start listening today!

 Ok. That's it. I just really want to be part of the solution. IF you know of other resources that need to be shared, please leave a comment!