I Need Your Help!


I am having a great deal of FUN working on a project that I have wanted to make happen for a very, very long time—and I’m ready to move out of daydream mode, IF I can get a little help from you!

Below are five sample clips from Pond5—I haven’t purchased them yet, so you will hear a voice saying “Pond 5” over and over again. Just ignore that. IF you’re willing, take a quick listen to each track or sample and then leave me a comment with your favorite one or two—ask yourself which one sounds most like me AND is also the least annoying, ha!

I’m excited and super curious to see if there is any kind of consensus at all.

Thanks in advance for your time!

✅ Thank YOU for your comments. There is a clear preference for #5, followed by #4. I’ll be sharing very soon what I’m working on!