Come CRUISE with me!

EXCITING, right?! Get all the details on how to register  HERE . 

EXCITING, right?! Get all the details on how to register HERE

Every February I need to escape the LONG winters of the Pacific Northwest for a little sunshine and relaxation and next year, I'm headed to the Caribbean with Tracie Claiborne on a 7-day Royal Caribbean "Adventure of the Seas" Storytelling Cruise. I'm combining two of my great LOVES—family and scrapbooking and I'd love to create these memories with YOU as well. 


On Sunday, February 24th, 2019 we will board the Adventure of the Seas (above) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

We will be in a different port Tuesday (George Town, Grand Cayman), Wednesday (Puerto Costa, Mexico) and Thursday (Cozumel, Mexico) for exploration and FUN, but ... on Monday and Friday, we will be at sea, ALL DAY. So, you guessed it ... we will be SCRAPBOOKING! 

Monday morning 9:30am, I will kick off our storytelling time with a 1-hour, interactive lecture-style class, that I'm calling Story-ish. I will then teach a 2-hour, hands on Story Starter class. This will take us up to lunch, after which Tracie will teach Journal Your Life 2.0 — after dinner, it's my turn again. Since color is key to communicating mood and emotion in our scrapbooks, I'm going to kick off our evening crop with "I Crave COLOR" a hands-on activity in which you create a very useful color swatch ring to refer back to. 

On Friday, I start the day off with a 3-hour action-packed class, featuring my next Close To My Heart product kit, which for now must remain a secret. But, it's good (trust me). Tracie will teach again on Friday afternoon with 100 Things That Make Me Happy! After this final class, we will make sure we have done enough giveaways and then we'll take all the pictures we need to scrapbook our time together. 

I'm SO GRATEFUL to Tracie for this invitation and opportunity. You can learn much more about her by visiting her website and blog, or by listening to her Scrap Gals podcast. AND, this cruise would not be happening for me if it weren't for the support of Close To My Heart, who is sponsoring both of my hands-on workshops. 

Most of the logistical details and travel-type arrangements can be understood best by visiting the Cruise and Crop website,, then click on Cruises and scroll down to 2019 and you'll see Storytelling with Tracie and Stacy ... that's the one you want!   I will say one more thing, and that is that what Tracie and I are creating is very STORY based. Neither of us are super "techniquey." Our pages and projects are not product heavy. We tend to simplify the stuff side of things, so that we can focus on what we see others frequently overlook or put off ... the story!  The classes we are teaching are designed to help you access unique, detailed personal memories and improve your efforts in journaling and story writing. You will definitely receive lots of fabulous product, and you will FINISH (as in complete) projects, but we are calling this a storytelling cruise for a reason.

Now ... I'm anxious to answer all your questions, but I'm NOT sure what they are, so as you leave comments, I'll keep adding to this post with answers!