Chase Day 2.2018


Valentine pictures taken 5 years ago. Crazy. Every single time Shutterfly or Facebook or Time Hop shows me my "memories" from 2, 3, 5 or 8 years ago, I'm dumbfounded at the passage of time. It used to be, "Where did my little boys go?!" and now all of a sudden it's "Where did my teenage boys go?!" There's only ONE left and he's on the downhill side of his junior year. 

Chase almost never says NO to me. When I say I need someone to empty the garbage can, or I need someone to help me unload Costco or I want to go out on the porch and take some Valentine photos he's like, I'll do it ... Yes Mother Dear! Not even exaggerating. This boy has challenged me for sure, but not in the willful non-compliance department. He is always anxious to help and almost always says Sure Mama! It's hard to see, but look in the top photo, at his "cool" spiked hairdo held in place with copious amounts of hair gel—and his baggy jeans, pink T-shirt and red Converse tennis shoes. Seriously. So adorable. There were days back then when I wanted to tell him what to wear or more truthfully what NOT to wear, but those days are gone. Now I just miss him and everything about him, including his unparalleled sense of style. He's doing great by the way. He's off-track (which means he's not allowed to take a full class load winter semester) at BYU-Idaho, but he's living in Rexburg and working part time for LDS Philanthropies, which manages all giving opportunities through our church, from humanitarian aid to student scholarships. He's looking forward to a new opportunity coming up this spring, when he'll be working for Moxie Pest Control as a door-to-door salesman. Yikes! But, hey he's made up his mind and he's soon off to Virginia to see if he can make some dough. The crazy thing is I think he might just do it ... charm his way into some sweet bug-killing deals. 

I'll keep you posted on that!

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