Addie Day | 6.19


I’m freaking out a little that its already JUNE in 2019. I don't think I’ve written any Family Days blog posts yet this year, so I decided that I would write one for each person in my family during June and guess what? I’m already behind—but that’s ok. I’m going to see this one through and I’m going to post-date as needed, ha!

So, Addie. What’s she up to? In February there was a little story about her in the Friend Magazine (children’s publication for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Funny thing, it was about a year ago that we read an article about another child in this magazine and Addie asked how it got there, ie. how did they know to write about that particular child. I said, ‘I think you can submit a story’ and I told her about my job many moons ago, as a magazine editor. She was willing, so we sat down and wrote an article about her coming to our family through adoption and how she was sealed to our family in the temple. We sent this article off and then promptly forgot about it. Then one day in early February we got a text message from Addie’s friend, Maia (her mom actually) that said, “Hey. I saw Addie in the The Friend!” We didn’t even know the story had been published. Since Addie’s story talked about making puff pancakes and slime, the article included a recipe for both. What FUN!

In May, Addie and I traveled to Disney World together. That is another post altogether, but WOW did we have fun. Disney truly is a magical place for making memories.

Last week when we visited Dr. Ralph, our orthodontist, we learned that Addie’s 12-year molars on the bottom are not even close to erupting. In fact, they are so far back in her mouth—pass the cheek line—that it would require oral surgery to locate them and special brackets to bring them into alignment. Because her mouth is so small, we are going to have them pulled—and then after that, braces go back on for a couple of years!

Next week, Addie wraps up her elementary school experience. She and I will be homeschooling together next year, so we have the big project this summer of turning our bonus room into a school room.

There is some other (really big) news, but it is of a personal nature, so I won’t be mentioning it here, however we will both know in the future to what this sentence refers.

Addie is standing next to me and just noticed the sun going down. She said, “Mom aren’t you going to take a picture of that?” So I did.


I’ll sign off with this.