Taft Day | August 2017


I'm going to call this post my Taft Day for August. I haven't written about my baby boy in a while and we laughed so hard together today that I've got to document it, so I can try and remember how incredibly FUN and painful it was. For a few years now—three maybe—Taft and I have purchased grammar shirts for him to wear. We have a school-shopping tradition that allows us to spend the better part of a day together in preparation for the upcoming school year, and we still do this, but a few years back we realized that we won’t find cool grammar shirts at the mall. Cool grammar shirts must be search out online—to this end, we set aside a few hours near the end of August each year and shop for these shirts together.

We begin by setting up a folder on my computer’s desktop. Then as we find a shirt that might be cool enough, we drag its image into the folder. We also drag the page’s URL into the folder. After we have shopped and chortled a sufficient amount of time, we revisit the shirts that have made the first cut and then curate our final selection. As each shirt arrives in the mail, we relive the JOY of finding it.

I LOVE being a mom to teenage boys. It’s such a delight to watch them discover and then develop their interests and preferences. Taft is my quiet introvert, so finding ways to connect to him is super important to me. And, who knew there were SO MANY hilarious grammar shirts in the world?!

stacy julian