Lauren Day | 7.2017

From Left to Right: Brittney, Jessica, Stacie, David, Courtney, Brooklyn, Lauren & Clark. Click photo to enlarge. 

Clark and Lauren got to spend some time with the Cheney family in Newport Beach this week. I think it's so crazy how our family with FOUR boys has become connected through marriage to this awesome family of FIVE girls. Clark and Lauren are both the oldest child and first to get married. And, it gets even better ... Lauren's Mom's name? It's Stacie. We spell our names just a little differently, but how FUN is that? I admit this might get a little confusing down the road, when grandchildren have a Grandma Stacy and a Grandma Stacie, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes, ha!

Anyway, I thought that for Lauren Day today I would introduce Lauren's family. And, first off ... Let me just say that I am SO grateful that the whole time I was trying my best to raise Clark, Stacie Cheney was trying her best to raise Lauren. 👱🏼👱🏻‍♀️  I hope that out there somewhere are three more mothers striving to raise daughters for my next three boys! I opened my Instagram feed this morning and found that Stacie had posted this photo, of the whole family in front of the Newport Beach Temple. I immediately showed her post to Geoff and we shared one of those grateful sighs. I'm not going to lie, initially it is a bit weird to scroll through Instagram and suddenly see your child in another family's photo, but I'm getting used to that. ❤️  And, I doubt I could have found a more beautiful bunch of people to pose with my adorable brown-eyed Clark-y boy.  The best thing of all is that I know our families have much in common because of our shared faith in Jesus Christ and the hopes we have of building strong extended and eternal families. I've not spent much time with Stacie or the Cheney family, but I feel certain that we want the same things for our two children starting their own family story 📝 🌳  and that is a great blessing and comfort.