Lauren Day | 6.2017

Go Lauren! (click to enlarge)

I get write about my darling daughter in-law again today. This past April, Lauren graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She majored in Public Health with an emphasis in epidemiology. Yes, she is smart too! I think this photo could easily grace the cover of the BYU class catalog or something. Lauren has worked for a local physician (urologist) part time during school, but that wasn't an ideal situation, so now that she's all graduated, she has been on the hunt for a new job—one that she loves enough to do full time and she is now in her second week of training. 

Lauren now works at Banyan Healthcare Marketing. Banyan, formerly Social Dental is one of those super-cool start up companies that has found a welcome niche for their services. They help dentists—and now other healthcare professionals—effectively use new media to educate patients and potential patients and then create monthly campaigns that are EASY for them to use so they can engage patients and keep the conversation going. I'm going to post a couple of videos, so you can see what I'm talking about. The extra cool thing is that Clark wants to be a dentist and Lauren is going to know exactly how to help him effectively build his practice. 

I'm so proud of this girl (woman really) for how hard she has worked to be where she is today. I am loving being the mother-in-law and watching her and Clark in their first year of marriage. They are building something really special. 

This first video is an example of the short video profiles Banyan creates for the clients. 

This next video is an example of the monthly campaigns that Banyan creates for their clients. Let me tell you ... I DO NOT remember trips to the dentist being this fun when I was a kid!