Help me!

I've been invited to speak at the 2017 Close To My Heart convention on June 30th. I'm pretty excited, because of their theme this year ... Who Tells Your Story?? I know that at the convention attendees/consultants will get a chance to go back in time with this incredible company and learn more about the vision and legacy that founder, Jeanette Lynton has inspired. I've been SUPER lucky to have been associated with CTMH for quite a LONG time, and I'm always grateful for the opportunity to reconnect and be a part of this/their community. This convention holds exciting opportunities and possiblities for me particularly and I can't wait for those to unfold (wink!) But ... as I prepare for my keynote, I would LOVE some feedback and insight. I'm so grateful that YOU would take the time to share your thoughts with me about the following questions ...

1. Are you telling your story? 

2. How are your telling your story? What formats are you currently and most successfully using to document your life and share personal stories?

3. If you're not currently telling your story, why not? What stands in your way?

4. Please share your top three obstacles to more consistently sharing your personal story. What are you lacking?  Time, money, motivation, ideas, skill, confidence, guidance, inspiration, etc ...

5. If your approach to storytelling, memory keeping, scrapbooking, journaling or other kind of documentation has changed since you began, what has been the most significant change and how have you dealt with this?

And, finally ...

BONUS question: Other than more time (our most welcome and worn-out excuse) what do you most need as a storyteller? What is missing for you? In other words, IF you could have ONE thing that you know would help you be and feel successful, what is it? 

Thank YOU so much!