🐼 Addie Day | 6.2017

I have successfully completed one month of Family Days and while I'm not sure I can keep up these posts every month, I'm going to keep trying because even if I'm only hit and miss, I will end up with short, descriptive stories that I otherwise would NOT have! 

Addie, the worm whisperer!

Addie, the worm whisperer!

So, Addie LOVES worms. Always has. She was just barely toddling around when she picked up her first worm and brought it to me. I do not understand this fascination. I don't have a problem with it, but I certainly don't understand it! In the summer months, we routinely make little worm habitats in GladWare containers on our front porch. You start with a little dirt, add some grass and a little flower or two, a few rocks and some water and then you try and keep a worm alive. I will leave the outcome up to your imagination, but ... we keep on trying! We count worms on the way to the bus stop and we get particularly excited about the very LONG worms. Yesterday, I began flipping through our local newspaper and opened to the feature article in the kids section: WORMS!! 🐛

Addie just recently started piano lessons. She is taking from our good friend, Selena Weber, who lives just 3 minutes away in the apartments at the bottom of our hill. So far so good; she likes to practice and does so without much prompting at all. Piano lessons are on Wednesdays. Addie also spends an hour a week with Christy Phillips, for speech. We've been going to Christy for nearly 3 years. Addie has some pretty significant deficits in terms of expressive language, which is a key aspect of her overall learning disability, but that's not going to slow us down too much. We are simply going to find other things that Addie loves and can excel at. I know we will, because Addie is curious and generally eager to try new things. 

I'm so grateful I get to be Addie's mom ❤️