Chase Day | 5.2017

In anticipation of today and writing this post, I sent Chase a text message and said, "Send me a pic right now!" He did, and guess what? He was IN THE LIBRARY. This is huge. When I was a college student, my dad drilled me about spending time in the library during the day. He said, "Treat your classes and studies as if they were an eight hour job. Don't go back to your dorm/apt until your work is done." Naturally, I have passed this wisdom on to my kids. And, how totally awesome is it that when I asked for a "right now" pic, Chase was in the library!! I'm so totally and completely PROUD of this boy. He is now 22 years old and studying at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Last fall in a career exploration class he discovered that his personality and temperament would be a good match for a career in counseling of some sort. He is taking his first psychology class this semester. Chase loves the French language, movies, and especially Star Wars movies. He collects all things Star Wars and faithfully observes, "May the 4th be with you" which has now become National Star Wars day. Chase is currently dating a darling girl, named Kiera from the Portland area. She quickly recognized as does everyone who spends anytime with Chase, that he is the NICEST person (pretty much on the planet). After some less-than-ideal experiences with boys, she is enjoying being treated like a princess! Last week, I received a random thank you card in the mail, from a Mrs. Rasmussen, who I do not know. Apparently, Chase was enlisted to help her and her husband move. This is some of what she said, "Chase was one of those that came to help. He showed up the next 2 days with a smile and a willingness to help ... I thought you might like to know how helpful and unselfish Chase was as he gave of his time in our service. He is definitely an example to those around him. Thank you for raising a wonderful Christ-like son."

Chase was recently called to serve as the Elder's Quorum President in his student ward. This is a pretty big responsibility and I'm loving talking to him as he is working to add to his natural gifts, new abilities and habits that will bless his life. Chase is always improving and he continually reminds me how lucky I am to be his mother. He pretty much rocks my world! 🌎❤️