Stacy Day | 11.2017

Two days late with my Stacy Day post, which is right on schedule for me! I'm officially fifty two and a half. I have a rich supply of smile lines and freckly dark spots, and my eyebrows have all but disappeared. (Anybody done the microblading thing??) I never have grown into my front teeth and my Dad still reminds me that my smile cost him $1300 dollars. But, I’m here. I'm alive, I love life and I smile and laugh readily. I do need to hold my iPhone just above me in the air to get a decent selfie, and I often don't get the angle just right, but I am determined to do it, at least occasionally ... to not just document my family, but also tell my story, with pictures! As I've begun to really dig into older family photos—those of my grandparents, I'm finding photos of my grandfathers, taken at fairly regular intervals as they aged, but very few photos—especially portrait type—of my grandmothers. Not ok! Don't let this happen to you. As women (and especially aging women) we are generally too hard on ourselves and what we're ultimately doing is depriving our grandchildren the opportunity to SEE us and get to know us better. 

Last night, I went suit shopping with Geoff and we lucked out at Nordstrom's Rack. Found him a great navy suit for $200. As I was waiting for him to come out of the dressing room, my eye caught hold of this cute gingham blouse. I knew immediately had to get it because I had a meeting earlier in the day with the team at Close To My Heart (working on my line of story-telling products) and I was emphasizing to all of them how much I love color and black/white gingham together. It was like the universe giving me a big vote of confidence, which I needed! Interestingly, my good friend Tami sent me a text message last week with an image from the November issue of Elle Magazine, stating that black gingham is the "It pattern" right now. 👍🏻   👍🏻 YES!

So, three right now things from my life...

1. We got SNOW last week and it has stayed cold outside, so I'm experiencing that draw to my kitchen and Instant Pot, which I love. I've made bone broth, applesauce, pulled pork, butternut squash soup and green beans this week. I also found a yummy almond flour biscuit recipe. I don't love cooking, but I do LOVE eating healthy homemade food, so it's an ongoing challenge to keep on keeping on. You know?

2. I need a new book to read/listen to. After finishing The Boys in the Boat, I listened to A Man Called Ove (loved that). Our high school is doing the play, Little Women right now—Taft is on tech crew—and I'm wondering if I should read Little Women? Never have! But then I saw the book, Finish by Jon Acuff on Jennifer Wilson's 2018 Book Club list. I clicked over to Amazon/Audible so fast that I'm wondering if it's calling me. The tagline is awesome: "Give Yourself the Gift of Done" Right?? I've actually considered FINISH as my word for 2018. Maybe this book will inspire me?! 

3. My parents have officially moved to Utah. It's SO weird to think I won't go to Seattle to their house ever again. They've wanted to move and had their house listed for well over a year, but then it finally sold and now they're gone and it's SUPER weird. Both of my brothers and my sister, Darci live in Utah. I thought we might drive down for Thanksgiving, but Geoff is on call this year. It's his turn, which is fair enough, but I don't want to do all the cooking and prep myself—that's not appealing to me this year. So, Thanksgiving is still a little up in the air. Christmas on the other hand ... ALL my kids will be home and I want to start decorating early, so that I can start planning early, so that I won't be rushed and we can really enjoy the time we have together. 

And that's my update, except I am CELEBRATING 6 months of a new exercise routine that I absolutely LOVE. I will post details soon. Six months TODAY. Go me!!