Friday FIVE 11.17.17

If you're on Instagram, you may have seen an add for Greetbl, but until you receive one you can't know how FUN they are. My friend, Tami sent me one after we returned from The Color Factory. Watch this unboxing video and SEE if you don't want to send one to someone you love. 

Wooden Bookstand.jpeg

TWO. Wooden Bookstand

I've been looking for something like this for a very long time. THIS ONE, which is pretty much perfect, is from the Moma Design Store, so you know its pricy ($275) but oh how cool for displaying your current Project Life album—which I don't have, because I've never found a cool stand to display it on, ha! I always thought I *might* be able to do Project Life IF I could keep and display my album in my family room, easily print pictures at home (my current printer stopped working and I haven't taken he time to figure out why) and work with minimal supplies (I could totally do that!). Anyway, I think when all of these conditions are met I would LOVE creating and adding to an ongoing everyday life pocket-style scrapbooking project. I'm currently churning this possibility over and over in my mind.  

Story Podcast.jpeg

THREE. The Story Podcast

From their website, "STORY is an uncommon creative community for storytellers, artists and dreamers who believe that stories matter." Hello? I want in! I found the STORY podcast earlier in the summer and I have REALLY liked it. IF you want to give it a listen, start with this talk from Hank Fortener from Story 2016 or even better, you can watch How to Paint Your Life with Color here. I'm very CURIOUS about the 2018 annual conference in Nashville, TN. I loved watching the 2017 highlight reel below and I think it would be amazing to attend. 


FOUR. The Natural Life Catalog

I have LOVED this company and their products for years, but I just got a catalog this week and let me tell you ... it's an explosion of HAPPY ... as in SO DANG COLORFUL and FUN. When I visit their website, I start on the SALE page, because there are always great prices, but I think you should also check out this shirt and this giving plate. LOVE. 


FIVE. This Scooter  

Seriously? IF ONLY I had a grandchild. I might just have to buy this now and save it. That's all I have to say, except I could live in the Land of Nod catalog. 

🎅🏼  Merry Christmas-shopping.
Have you started yet?