Light the World

It's time to LIGHT the WORLD again. I loved this worldwide movement last year and boy do we need it this year. I rarely watch the news anymore simply because it can be so utterly alarming and depressing, but I KNOW that there is much MORE goodness in our world than there is evil. There is great need in our families, communities and certainly our nation and abroad, so regardless of what you believe at Christmas time or how you celebrate and/or worship, I'm inviting you to turn on your inner light this December and LET IT SHINE brightly ... so that others might see your GOOD works and glorify God. 

I'm posting this PDF calendar EARLY so that you can print it, post it in your home and maybe even discuss it with your family and friends (over the Thanksgiving weekend) and consider HOW you could interpret some of these prompts to serve others and share goodness as Christmas approaches. Prompts this year are 25 scriptures from The New Testament, designed to inspire kindness, generosity and love toward our family members, neighbors and people anywhere and everywhere. 

Light the World.jpeg

Even with the best of intentions and planning, December can get pretty hectic. I was far from perfect last year in attempting to follow through on the prompts, but as I look back now at a few photos, I am so grateful I succeeded—even in a limited way. 


There's a really beautiful set of printables available for FREE download over at The Small Seed. It's a tree and 25 ornaments, one for each day's scripture prompt. I downloaded this and I am going to take it to my local Staples and have it printed on their large format printer. I think this will be a FUN way to track the service we do as a family—Addie will love it. I'll have her color the ornaments and put them on the tree.
Another resource for those that have littles around ... my awesome friend Emilie has created a KID version of the Light the World calendar. It's HERE, or you can visit her website and learn more about her, her family and her crazy good ideas! 


One more!
My very inspirational friend, Allison Kimball has also created Light the World journal pages and labels that you can download for FREE. I think I'll dig up some sticker paper that I can run through my printer—I have some somewhere—and then I'll have stickers!! I'm so grateful for talented and generous people ❤️

⭐️ Comment or email me if you have a #lighttheworld idea to share with me. I'm on the lookout for opportunities that I can do, especially with my bigger kids!