Chase's Birthday | 11.2017

Photo taken at LDS Philanthropies in Rexburg, Idaho, where Chase works everyday from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 

This boy is 23 today.
Twenty THREE!
I just don't get it, but it's true. 

I messaged him earlier in the week and I asked what he wanted in his birthday package. He wrote back, "Just pay for me a bunch of my friends to go to the tramp house!" I'll be honest, I was like, "the TRAMP house?" I'm not sure I want to fund an outing to a tramp house, ha! Gratefully, tramp is short for trampolines. Chase might be 23, but he is a BIG kid at heart and he took 9 other big KIDS to Gravity Factory for his birthday celebration on Saturday night. I also sent some moola to Trey (also in Rexburg) and had him pick up an ice cream cake at DQ, which he took over to Chase's apartment at midnight. This morning I woke up and started a family group text, which we sometimes use on Family Days. I invited everyone at 9:00am to share 23 things we LOVE about Chase. Taft and Addie don't have smart phones, so I had to solicit an early response from them, but everyone else added to the list throughout the day and Dad wrapped it up with #23 at 6:40pm. I love the list that resulted, so I'm going to add it to my post ... 

⛳️🌷🏂 ☀️🐼🦉 🕺🏼 🔥  
Me:  Let's see if we can make a list of 23 things we LOVE about Chase ...
1. His smile (me)
2. His faithful example of optimism (me)
3. He's FUNNY (Addie)
4. He always wants to hang out with me (Taft)
5. He buys thoughtful gifts (Taft)
6. Generous (Clark)
7. Caring (Clark)
8. True to yourself (Clark)
9. Biggest Star Wars fan I know! (Clark)
10. Biggest kindest heart (Lauren)
11. Loves to serve (Dad)
12. Makes others feel comfortable (Dad)
13. He will talk to anyone (Dad)
14. Humble (Dad)
15. Is always so stoked to see you (Trey)
16. Loves Heavenly Father and the Savior (Trey)
17. Doesn't even play ball, yet is a baller at all times! (Trey)
18. Chase is super grateful. He always says, "Thanks Mama!" (me)
19. His laugh is contagious (me)
20. Unforgettable. Just ask the people who shop at Safeway and Walgreens! (me)
21. Chase was a great missionary who showed Christ's love to people, who others would have passed by. (Clark)
22. He is patient. (Clark)
23. Chase is a faithful disciple of Christ. (Dad)

📱 I definitely miss my kids, but I’m GRATEFUL we can connect like this through technology. 

I just found this video file on my computer. I can't believe it's been SEVEN years since I recorded Trey and Taft singing Happy Birthday for Chase's 16th birthday SURPRISE party. And my post thumbnail image is pre-digital, so I'm guessing 2002? Time flies!