Family Pictures 2016

All images in this post were photographed by Allison Tyler Jones. Learn more at

All images in this post were photographed by Allison Tyler Jones. Learn more at

I realize I just posted a 2016 Highlights as an extension to our Christmas letter, but I want to share some of our most recent family pictures and write a bit more in the look back category, before moving full speed ahead into 2017. Last Sunday, I found this Year in Review on Pinterest and printed a copy for everyone at home. After dinner we filled these printables in and shared our answers. 


I'm always surprised by what I don't know about my children, until I do something like this. For readers not familiar with my family, I've labeled the above photo. 
Let's move from left to right. 

Taft is ...
15 years old.
5' 10" tall, 210 lbs, wears a 10 1/2 shoe and reports his favorite book in 2016 was Steel Heart, TV Show, Bob's Burgers and movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Taft likes to play the online video game, Destiny and has a wonderful group of smart and loyal friends, including Ethan Walters, Shawn Barnett, Kali Natarajan and Ruth Call. In 2017, Taft wants to learn to communicate better and get better at Spanish. He would like to become an Eagle Scout. 

Chase is ...
22 years old. 
5' 8" tall, 187 lbs, wears a size 8 shoe and says his favorite food is (anything from) Cafe Rio. He loves to watch Netflix, and just finished Prison Break. Chase loves reading The Book of Mormon and playing in the snow at home or at BYU in Rexburg, Idaho. The best movie he saw in 2016 was Dr. Strange and his favorite memory was spending time with the whole family (including Grandpa Gary Julian) on the Oregon Coast in August. His Christmas highlight? Getting Darth Vader onesie pajamas. In 2017, Chase would like to speak French fluently and get better at budgeting his money. He would also like to get into better shape and lose a little weight. Who wouldn't??

Addie is ...
9 years old.
?" tall, 47 lbs., wears a kid's size 11 shoe and wrote "strawberries" on the favorite food line. Her book crush is Heidi Hecklebeck and she really enjoys jump roping and making slime. Santa gave Addie a slime kit for Christmas. Addie recently learned about Helen Keller in school, so we both watched The Miracle Worker. She loved it so much that she put that down as her favorite TV show and Moana as the best movie in 2016. Addie said her best friends are Kate, Bella, Ally and Brinlee, and her best memory was swimming in our pool with or without friends! In 2017, Addie wants to learn how to ice skate, get better at skiing and start her own YouTube channel. We'll see about that!

Trey is ...
18 years old. 
5' 11" tall, 150lbs. and wears size 9 1/2 shoes. He says Mama J's enchiladas are his favorite food, Huck Finn is his favorite book and The Jungle Book was the best movie in 2016. He likes the TV show, Stranger Things, and listed Addie as his best friend. He wishes he could skateboard more—it's his passion. Trey's best memory this year was spending time with the family on the Oregon Coast because Clark and Lauren were there. In 2017, Trey wants to learn to do CAD, and get better at reading more books. He would also like to "Successfully move to college and study as hard as I can."

Turns out I'm too tired to record Geoff and my responses tonight, and as for Clark and Lauren, I'll leave you with this cool pic that I gave them for Christmas, because I believe every young, beautiful couple should have a great photo made while they are still young and beautiful.

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