Here's an idea. Give this book away!

What Do YOU Do With An IDEA? By Kobi Yamada

Kobi Yamada is one of my heros and mentors. He is the president and creative powerhouse behind Compendium, Inc. and he is the author of the book pictured above. This is a book that speaks to my heart. I LOVE it so much that I'm going to read it to you ...

Many moons ago, I purchased some Compendium postcards in an airport. They were colorful and they had quotes printed on them—two things I love and can barely resist. I kept them in my office. I shuffled them around, I wanted to make something with them. One day, I looked at them and thought to myself, "I've got to find out more about the company who makes these amazing postcards." With a little effort, I found a phone number—this was 2004-ish—my first instinct was NOT Google. Anyway, I got Tote Yamada (Kobi's brother) on the phone. I hadn't really thought too much about what I would say if someone actually answered my call. Tote said, "Hello, how can I help you?" or something like that, and I said, "Well, I'm your biggest fan and I think we should meet." or something like that. Turns out we did meet—several months later. My then partner, Paula and I visited the Compendium warehouse in Seattle and since we had recently launched Big Picture Scrapbooking, we sat with Tote and dreamed up ways we could use and perhaps promote their products. We also learned that they could create little sticky notes for me to send to the students I hoped would sign up for my new online class (I was still working on it) called Library of Memories. It goes without saying that I LOVE this company and their products. I've been fortunate enough to be an ambassador for them and to visit their offices a few times. And, to sweeten the deal, I learned several years ago that my sister-in-law, Kristin is actually best friends with Kobi's wife. 

So, why am I sharing this story today? Because I'm in the middle of a organizing project and I realized that I have TWO copies of Kobi's book, What Do You Do With An Idea? Which, is AWESOME beyond description—AND, I want to give the extra copy away!

This book tells the story of an idea. It starts out small ...

but it grows and spreads it's life and color and perspective ...

until it changes the world. 

until it changes the world. 

Ideas really are the bomb. They absolutely change us and the world. As I look back on my life to this point, I am SO GRATEFUL that I have acted on ideas. Many of my ideas have failed, but a few have been life-changing for me and for others. I want to give this book to someone who has an idea and wants to do something with it. You don't have to tell me your idea, but you do have to promise me that you'll listen to it, take care of it, grow it and eventually share it. 

And, if you think there are too many obstacles in your way, take heart and go buy a copy of Kobi's book, What Do You Do With A PROBLEM?

Simply leave me a comment. 
I will select a recipient in a few days!

NOTE: It's now March 16th. I FORGOT all about this giveaway. Silly me.
The winner is Kristin Vie. Congrats!!