Why I scrapbook.

Walk into any antique store or vintage market and you'll find gorgeous, one-of-kind, interesting photos that clearly have a story to tell. There are cute toddlers sitting atop tricycles, important looking men shaking hands, and large groups of what appears to us as over-dressed people enjoying some kind of outdoor adventure. I am filled with a deep sadness and curiosity when I browse photos like these. They have essentially been buried in the equivalent of an unmarked grave. 

One reason I scrapbook is to rescue some of my photos from this inevitable end. Will I ever finish my children's School of Life albums? Maybe not, but I will remember that I have exactly enough time (and energy and creativity) to scrapbook my most important memories. I will pair a few of my photos with the stories that will give them lasting value. 

On days when as scrapbookers we feel overwhelmed or behind or discouraged, disorganized or uninspired we can know that what we do is incredibly important. If we don't do this, our photos may end up tagged with a description like, "Large outdoor group", "Spokane baby" or "1940s family photo". 

We mustn't give up, or simply walk away.
We can change how we do what we do anytime. 
We can scale back or start fresh ...

But let's remember the WHY,
because our memories are worth it!